About Us

Who we are

Haber & Guenther was formed in 2016, as a continuation of the former accounting firm, Haber & Company. Haber & Company was owned and operated by Jay Haber for 27 years. I became the owner of this firm after being mentored by Jay Haber for 5 years, right up until his untimely passing in 2016. Jay was a great accountant, teacher, and friend to all of his clients. I feel extremely privileged to carry on the hard work for which Jay Haber became known.

 With Jay’s passing, I was left with an overwhelming responsibility on my shoulders. I was instantly in charge of an established business, meaning all of the employees were depending on me. I had to figure things out real quick or else this amazing business that Jay built was going to be in trouble.

 My “forged in the fire” business training proved one of the best things to happen to me.  I’ve been in the trenches so I can be there with you every day, working with you to keep your business moving forward. This isn’t about getting you taxes done; this is about building a relationship of trust with a business partner you can rely on.

 I take great pride in helping our clients. My principal focus is to make your life easier. Though we are a full-service consulting firm, I specialize in helping small business owners run their companies efficiently; I understand that running a business can be stressful and time-consuming. By handling important items like tax preparation, payroll, and relentless paperwork, as well as providing you with the consulting you need, my hope is to ease your stress level and leave you with more free time to enjoy what matters most to you in life. You name it, A through Z, I’m always here to help.

Due to my personal experience, I bring an unparalleled level of intelligence to each and every one of our partner businesses. This isn’t about cheating the system, this is about using the power in your business to unlock more profits and growth for you.

On a monthly basis, I help you proactively manage your business money so that when tax time comes, you are already aware of what’s going to happen and what your tax liabilities are. Beyond that, I can help you solve the biggest and hardest problems facing your business – so you can focus on growth instead of stress!

This is an ongoing process that allows you to rest easy knowing that every single day, I am working to really empower the money you are making, work for you – instead of waiting until tax time and crossing your fingers hoping the numbers crunch in your favor.

I’m here in the trenches with you every single day, bringing my expertise to your books so you can focus on hitting your goals instead of worrying about Uncle Sam ripping a hole in your money bag. I help you through your business challenges and guide you through the growth you want to see in your business.

My entire goal is to make your life easier by providing the superior financial intelligence your business needs to succeed.


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